Natural Home-Made Face Mask

now we’re rounding up my 9 favorite DIY face masks.

Made with ingredients like fruits, yogurt, and eggs, these all natural masks are packed with nutrients that are just as good for your skin as they are for your body!

1. Moisturizing Avocado Face Mask: Don’t toss your avocados when turn that icky brown—instead, use those leftovers in this moisturizing face mask. Regardless of the color, creamy avocados will help moisturize dry skin. (viaecokaren)

2. Honey and Banana Face Mask: Make your morning toast jealous with this sweet face mask. A combo of honey and mashed banana will leave your skin soft and radiant. (via Sincerely, Kinsey)

3. Soothing Lavender Face Mask: Get your aromatherapy on with this soothing face mask. The scent of dried lavender petals is notoriously calming, making it a perfect addition to any evening beauty ritual. (via Clones and Clowns)

4. A Beauty Mask Made from Flowers: A mix of cupboard staples like almonds and oats are ground to a pulp along with dried flowers for this all-natural face mask. Topped with whole lavender and rose petals, this mask would make a beautiful hostess or birthday gift. (via Gardinista)

5. Moisturizing Orange Face Mask: Forget the bronzer, this orange face mask is the way to go for an all natural glow. Fresh squeezed O.J. packs a moisturizing punch that your skin will love. (via Food + Words)

6. Yogurt and Green Clay Mask: Next time you’re sitting at home eating honey-drizzled greek yogurt, i dare you to rub it on your face! In all seriousness, yogurt helps to refine your pores, among other things, and honey keeps your skin looking young and plump. Adding clay just increases the benefits. (via VMAC and Cheese)

7.  Pineapple Papaya Facial Mask: This tropical face mask is sure to recall the best moments of summer while busting through dead skin and reducing wrinkles. You might feeling a slight tingling on your face with this mask, but don’t fret—it’s just the fruit at work. (via Henry Happened)

8. DIY Edible “Mud” Mask: Cocoa powder leaves the color of this six-ingredient face mask looking just like mud. But lucky for our rumbling stomachs, this face mask is totally edible and supposedly tastes like a chocolate banana smoothie! (via Essentially Eclectic)

9. Pumpkin Mask: We’re getting pumped for Halloween here at Brit HQ, so we just had to include this recipe for a pumpkin face mask. Full of vitamins, antioxidants and many more skin-loving nutrients, pumpkin should be a go-to for skincare year round. (via Petit Elephant)

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